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Vacuum Pump, DV-50 CS, 10 HP, Three Phase, 415 Volts, Size 50mm X 50mm

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Vacuum Pump, DV-50 CS, 10 HP, Three Phase, 415 Volts, Size 50mm X 50mm
  • Wide Voltage Design
  • Designed to Prevent Overloading
  • Replaceable Wearing Parts
  • Dynamically Balanced Rotating Parts


Kirloskar vacuum pump is majorly used for priming of large pumps. KIrloskar 10 hp pump(Three Phase Pump) as the name suggests, are also used to create a vacuum by enabling evacuation of air and thus is widely used for applications like Priming of large Pumps, evacuation of air from suction pipes and chambers, twist drilling machine, removing water from pulp layer, labeling, bottle filling, de-odorizing, drying, evaporation, distillation, filtration, sterilization, condensation, degasification, sucking gases, extrusion machines.

  • Wide Voltage Motor Designs - The Motor are designed to withstand wide voltage fluctuations from 180 to 455 Volts and reduces motor burning in case of low voltage
  • Designed to Prevent Overloading - Lesser chances of motor burning as it does not get overloaded even if the pump is operated at a head lower than recommended, thus ensuring substantial cost savings due to low maintenance and breakdown
  • Replaceable Wearing Parts - All wearing parts within the pumps are easily accessible and replaceable which facilitates ease of maintenance thereby extending the life of the pump
  • Dynamically Balanced Rotating Parts - Minimum vibrations protect components from damage during operation, resulting in consistent performance as concentricity is maintained
Product Series DV
Pump Type (Installation) Surface
Pump Type (Application) Vacuum Pump
Pump Model DV50+ Coupled set
Power (In KW) 7.50
Power (In HP) 10.00
Suction Size (in mm) 50
Delivery Size (in mm) 50
Rated Voltage (Volts) 415
Speed (rpm) 1450
Phase 3
Product Dimensions 1103 x 352 x 457 CM;310.0 KG
Frequency (in Hz) 50
No. of Stages 1
Gross Weight (kg) 310.0
Vacuum maximum 600
Vacuum unit N/m2
Air flow minimum 0
Air flow maximum 163.8
Air flow unit m3/s
Net Contents 1 Pumpset
Net Qty 1
Item Replaced This item can be replaced
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Vacuum Pump, DV-50 CS, 10 HP, Three Phase, 415 Volts, Size 50mm X 50mm

Product Dimensions

1103 x 352 x 457 CM;310.0 KG

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1 Unit 1 Pumpset

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